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ERP for Railways

We will deploy ERP software and the underlying hardware to automate maintenance of Railways' rolling assets (wagon fleet which carry freight traffic, as well as the diesel locomotives which haul freight and passenger trains). Rolling stocks, through which Railways sells its passenger services and freight services, are among its major assets. Management of these rolling stocks and governing of assets is still performed manually.

Inventory Systems

Gain visibility and management of your inventory with Redbeam inventory software. Reduce inventory stock outs. Manage inventory reorder levels. Check in / check out. Inventory software & inventory control systems include inventory software and bundles with mobile devices. Inventory software can also be purchased without a mobile device.

Software and Portals

We distribute a range of software solutions. We develop and produce our own software and platforms to create world class IT eco-systems. We have industry leading positions and strong customer relationships in all of our businesses. We have also used partnerships to expand our product and service offerings, customer base and geographic footprint, which have contributed significantly to our long-term growth and success.

Transit Instructional

Using public transportation can be a challenge for some people. Training is available to both individuals with disabilities and seniors citizens. Knowledgeable instructors, experienced with the Standard Gauge Railway transit, provide the training. Participants travel with an instructor on the train and/or intercity rail in the country until they are comfortable and capable of safe independent travel. Self-paced instruction is designed around the needs of each participant as they learn how to safely and independently travel to the destinations of their choice.


Dealing with software in railway and aviation

Software in railway and aviation

Disruptive digital technologies are fundamentally changing the travel operators business model, leading to physical and digital convergence. To stay relevant and evolve with traveler’s changing expectations, travel companies must be able to deliver a more personalized and responsive experience, no matter how the traveler chooses to be engaged.

We offer digital Integrated Commercial Transit platform that leverages the best industry practices and the advanced analytics capabilities to offer an agile solution that ensures a first-class seat on the digital arena of your travelers. It supports the entire sales process, covering all channels and spanning across multiple front-end systems.

Implementing the software will enhance the Rail and Aviation industry with:

  • improved customer satisfaction
  • increased sales and revenue
  • faster time to market
  • rapid integration and high scalability
  • reduction of operation costs
  • fast reaction to competitive challenges using price and promotion configuration tools